ondwurm The Worm on the Farside of the Moon

It is probably a highly unusual Noodle of Lava but it appears unnatural. If I were going to design a tunneling machine, this is the shape to use. Or it may be a series of inflated shelters much like have been proposed by some of the studies for lunar habitation. Each would be a standalone shelter joined to the others by airlocking mechanisms. Or it could be the biggest alien lifeform we have ever seen. This thing is bothersome because of the contigous nature of the thing and the appearance of damage in the center. The thing is about 25 KM long from top to bottom and lies in the South Pole-Aitken ejecta field.

This thing is on the farside of the moon. From Long 182.9 about 20 degrees south of the equator. The explanation could be the Prune Hypothesis because of the general jumbled look of the place. This could be ejecta from the moons impact with the earth.

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Mond Wurm

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